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Providing Refreshing Water with a Bottleless Water Dispenser

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Bottleless water filter
Major cities across the United States have passed bans that prevent government offices from purchasing bottled water. Government offices and businesses that wish to reduce environmental waste, save money, and provide safe drinking water to employees can purchase a bottleless water dispenser. A bottleless water dispenser is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, and sanitary way to provide employees with access to cool, refreshing water. These bottleless water coolers provide the same quality water as bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Bacteria can contaminate drinking water, which can have fatal consequences. The inventor of the first drinking fountain Halsey Taylor discovered when her father passed away from complications due to contaminated drinking water. Many employers are installing a bottleless water cooler in the office for sanitary reasons and in the hopes of avoiding contaminated drinking water. A recent research group discovered that traditional filtered water coolers that are bottle equipped have four times the government recommended amount of bacteria and germs on them. A bottleless filtered water cooler or bottleless water dispenser does not have such a high bacteria or germ count. Another reason employers are switching to a point of use water cooler is the quality of water. Companies that purchased bottled water discovered the quality of that water is the exact same as municipal tap water. Of course, that is because over half of all bottled water is really just bottled tap water. Using a bottleless water dispenser provides employers with the opportunity to provide fresh, cool drinking water that is of a higher quality than bottled water.

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